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Frimsa delivers premium quality Patagonian lamb that is grass-fed and has a tender meat texture and mouthwatering taste. We offer the famously craved lamb meat like French-trimmed racks, Frenched 6 rib racks, front and hind shoulder chops, leg roasts, shanks, etc. As the leading Patagonia lamb exporters in Argentina, we handle the meat with delicacy and instill strict quality protocols in every process, from healthy grass-feeding to the lamb to the succulent meat ready for your plate. Our lamb products like premium loin chops and Mid-loin racks are derived to be of the finest quality, which is why they have a juicy texture and
irresistible flavor that promises to be the feast of every famished stomach.

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frimsa lamb shank

Lamb Shank

frimsa lamb chops

Lamb Chops

frimsa lamb rump

Rack of Lamb

frimsa lamb neck

Lamb Neck

frimsa lamb shoulder

Lamb shoulder

frimsa lamb flank

Lamb Flank

frimsa lamb rib

Lamb Rib

frimsa lamb breast

Lamb Breast

frimsa Leg of lamb

Leg of lamb

frimsa Lamb Sirloin

Lamb Sirloin

frimsa Lamb Tenderloin

Lamb Tenderloin

frimsa Lamb Foreshank

Lamb Foreshank

frimsa lamb Sweetbreads

Lamb Sweetbreads

frimsa lamb rump

Lamb Rump

We want people to enjoy meat that has impeccable taste as well as the best nutritional elements. The diverse native grasses of Patagonia hold nourishing dietary attributes, and
our Corriedale and Pampinta lambs graze them, which enhances the enriching nutritional
properties of their meat.

It is shown in research that our premium quality Patagonian lamb has higher levels of
Omega-3, a healthy ratio of monounsaturated fatty acid and CLA as compared to the lambs
bred in more intensive systems. Being fed on organic and fortified grass results in having
increased vitamin E and antioxidant value and minimal saturated fat levels in their meat.

We provide our Corriedale and Pampinta lambs with an active, free-range lifestyle from their
birth, which is greatly beneficial for muscle development. This free-range activity results in
well-distributed intramuscular marbling, which causes our lambs to have a slightly firm but
tender texture and rich juiciness.


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