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Our Production is Rooted in Sustainability

Feeding the world does not only mean serving food. It also means preserving natural resources for future generations. That is why sustainability is a core pillar of Frimsa, not just an added business expense.

We invest in earth-friendly approaches like renewable energy, waste reduction systems, water treatment, and regenerative cattle grazing models to future-proof beef production while simultaneously contributing to restoring ecosystems. These sustainable methods have made us become the renowned pioneers of environmental conservers in the global meat industry.

Eco-Conscious Agriculture for a Prosperous Future

If we share more about our sustainable practices, we will let you know that 73% of Frimsa’s electricity demands are overcome through renewables like solar systems and biogas, which are harvested from cattle waste.

Furthermore, to reach net-zero emissions, we have been collaborating with industry partners
for genetic research to develop cattle breeds that require minimal resource farming. We also restore grazing lands to protect important carbon storage areas and offset emissions. 

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Sustainable Partnerships and Programs

Frimsa began to use sustainable strategies long before our competitors. Our vision revolves around the belief that sound business morals lead to holistic practices that ultimately result in nourishing communities and protecting shared natural resources for the future. We have invested over $25 million in significant projects that support our eco-beneficial vision.

We use recycled water in our processing facilities for cleaning operations and have integrated wastewater treatment systems of high-quality standards. We also use smart sensors and IoT technology throughout vegetation to achieve real-time insights that assist us in sensible water usage, energy optimization, and waste reduction.

Additionally, our focus on sustainability involves working with partners outside our field to
encourage the use of environmentally conscious techniques. We collectively work with diverse industries and farmers on research that shows the quantity of carbon present in the environment and explore strategies to improve soil health through biodiverse vegetation, which also increases food growth in pastures. One of the most distinct facts about Frimsa is that we wholeheartedly assist smallholder fain flourishingr.

Our responsible training programs teach the best, most effective methods for responsibly
caring for plants and animals. We also teach the use of sustainable practices in all
processes, regardless of the scale of the operation. Participants in our training programs also get facilitated access to diverse green technology vendors, which helps them improve their productivity and easily sell their products in higher-value markets.

Frimsa S.A

Leading the Way in Eco-friendly Agriculture

Cattle produce a noticeable amount of greenhouse gases, which is a big aspect of our supply chain’s carbon footprint. To reduce this carbon footprint, Frimsa funds research about breed selection and nutrition supplements like algae that are known to help them produce less methane.

We also constantly adapt strategies for better animal-waste management, like turning animal waste into biogas for energy and minimizing wastewater. Our packaging vendors are
mandatorily required to show how they are reducing emissions in a way that aligns with our strategy for reaching net-zero emissions.