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Frimsa SA is an integrated supply chain company that offers sustainable meat production through a number of operations that include: procurement of cattle, slaughtering, packaging and processing of meat , blast Freezing, cold storage, distribution.

About Us

In the heart of Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, resides a prominent Argentinian meat production and processing industry, Frimsa S.A. Our name has been widespread among the localities and internationally since 1991 for the high-quality beef and lamb supply chain that we provide. Ever since we have dedicated our energies and integrity to bringing about
the efficient slaughter and processing of cattle. We are committed to providing the utmost quality product and ensuring sustainable practices with innovative solutions. We are proud to
be a significant player in the global and dynamic market.

Today, our world-class facilities process over 1500 cattle daily!

Frimsa grew from humble origins to become a major participant in the worldwide meat market. It is due to that hard work and dedication that our world-class facilities now process more than 1500 cattle each day. It is a payoff of a well-made decision to utilize vertically integrated supply chains and make considerable investments in automation technologies.

Beyond Frimsa’s production prowess, our team is fundamentally innovative. We actively work with Argentine research institutes to develop improved cattle. We’re improving the quality of our produce, enhancing the transparency of our operations, and pioneering sustainability practices.

We boost our domestic beef production by combining both high-end technology and a passion for innovation from home. Our market leadership is sustained because of our adaptation to ethical corporate practices.
These practices sponsor educational and rural development projects to build strong local communities. It allows us to stand firm on our integrity as we advocate for ecologically progressive solutions. These solutions include regenerative grazing and agricultural biodiversity, as well as water recycling systems. We also implement the use of alternative energy in our facilities.

Despite our technological skills, Frimsa S.A wins by knowing that we are helping our clients and meeting their demands. From classic cuts to value-added goods such as ready meals and portioned proteins, we translate Argentina’s rich culinary heritage into convenient solutions. At the end of the day, our family values and principles motivate us. The pride in our culture’s rich history focuses on offering great beef and following ethical principles. Add that to the quality and openness of our industry, which gains us our consumer confidence. This is how Frimsa has operated for years and will continue to do so.

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Today, our reach extends to over 50 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The history of Frimsa begins with our establishment as a small cattle slaughterhouse in 1991, serving the needs of the surrounding towns. Our ability to export to markets outside of Argentina was made possible by investments in infrastructure and technology as our operations grew. Our influence now extends to more than 50 countries across Europe, Asia,
the Middle East, and Africa.

Inside our facilities, state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 innovations are implemented. It helps us in
advancing our predictive data and analytics which are used to optimise intricate supply chains. Furthermore, autonomous guided vehicles are used in processing plants. This digital integration in our operations improves efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness
throughout our production process.

Without skilled individuals, however, all the technology in the world would be useless. That is why experienced professionals who have handled shifting trade conditions and changing customer demands make up our leadership team. Our processing team combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to ensure our meat exudes authentic flavor.

Above all, we still deeply identify as Argentinians, from raising cattle on the farms of our partners with care to supporting local economies through our local investments. Global palates are catered to through innovative value-added products that draw inspiration from our generationally passed grilling expertise.

With big ambitions to match our consistent growth over the last 30 years, Frimsa intends to
continue nurturing our roots in the Middle East and Asia. We continually work to further expand into specialized meat markets in these regions.

Frimsa S.A

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