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Frimsa is a reliable beef supplier in Argentina, bringing you high-quality beef from Argentina, which is derived from cattle that are humanly raised on lush grasslands. These grass-raised Angus have well-distributed intramuscular marbling that serves in producing products like tenderloin medallions, mouthwatering culotte steaks, and dry-aged striploins, perfect for signature cuts that are known to be the pride of Argentinian cuisine.

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frimsa beef flat iron

Beef Flat Iron

frimsa Beef Flank Steak

Beef Flank Steak

frimsa Beef short ribs

Beef Short Rib

frimsa beef tongue

Beef tongue

frimsa beef omasum

Beef omasum

frimsa beef oyster bleed

Oyster blade

frimsa beef burger patties

Burger patties

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Ground beef

frimsa beef liver

Beef liver

frimsa beef fat

Beef fat

frimsa beef kidney

Beef kidney

frimsa beef heart

Beef heart

frimsa beef ribs

Beef ribs

House Liner Boneless NY Strip

NY Strip Steak

We breed our cattle in a natural, lively, and stress-free environment and let them graze in open fields. This lively nurturing positively affects the biochemical composition of the meat.

It is shown in the research that our cattle, which are naturally fed from grazing, have high
levels of antioxidants like vitamin E and beta-carotene compared to grain-fed cattle. Due to well-nourishment, their omega-3 fatty acids also have a higher ratio, while the total fats and cholesterol levels are comparatively lower.

They also have a rich meat nutrient density due to better terrain, flora biodiversity, and low
stocking density. The marbled intramuscular fat of our Angus and Hereford cattle serves to give a rich, creamy texture to the meat. Along with this, we use expert aging techniques and careful processing methods to prevent the meat from spoilage microbiota. This results in our premium beef from Argentina to fill you with scrumptious flavor and juicy tenderness in
every bite.


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