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The supply chain for delivering the best quality Argentinian beef and lamb in all of Argentina since 1991.

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Frimsa SA is an integrated supply chain company that offers sustainable meat production through a number of operations that include: procurement of cattle, slaughtering, packaging and processing of meat , blast Freezing, cold storage, distribution.

Frimsa S.A

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Frimsa Brings A Sustainable

Approach to Argentina’s

Beef Industry

Frimsa S.A. is proud to regularly engage with Argentine agricultural research organizations to develop genetic and feeding programs for improved cattle breeds. It is our mission to drive positive transformation in Argentina’s cattle business by combining technology and research.

We aim to bring sustainable development to the beef industry with our strategies for ethical meat sourcing. We invest in automation, which assists in faster and more precise manufacture while reducing manual handling, which results in Frimsa being a premium
quality beef supply chain.

Beef & lamb

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Frimsa, known for its high-quality beef, produces premium cuts under ideal conditions. Our integrated supply chain supervises every step. From responsible sourcing to cutting-edge processing, Frimsa’s boneless beef cuts wholesale in Argentina ensure that softness and taste show through in each bite.


Frimsa offers superior quality lamb derived from the beautiful grasslands of Patagonia lamb exporters in Argentina. Our premium quality Patagonian lamb is subjected to the same stringent quality assurance standards, from handling with a gentle hand to experienced in-house butchery, resulting in an amazing and flavorful dining experience.


Frimsa goes beyond standard offers, delivering value-added proteins such as goat, mutton, and free-range chicken. As consumer preferences shift, we maintain our strict quality standards across all proteins. Our innovation guarantees that we consistently supply healthy, ethically produced meats that fit modern demands.


As your reliable beef supplier in Argentina, it is our duty to ensure that our future generations have a chance to consume natural and organic produce. That is why Frimsa Argentina works hard to ensure that we provide sustainable beef. Frimsa S.A. aspires to future-proof the Argentine beef sector by investing in planet-positive solutions that restore ecosystems. We aim to lead by example as the best and most sustainable meat production in all of Argentina. 

Beef & lamb

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Frimsa, a pioneer in Argentina’s growing meat industry, has spent over 30 years honing the art of giving great flavor. We remain steadfast in our determination that quality always comes first. Our product line shows the richness of our terrain, from lush grass-fed beef in the
Pampas to Patagonia’s lamb raised in crystal clear streams. We supplement traditional offers such as goat, mutton, and free-range ham. It does not end there. Our value-added items are suited to global tastes. These tastes include Argentinian-style chorizo and ready-to-cook meal packages that have become a popular choice in the food service sector. 

Every stage is supervised by strict protocols, which ensure that all Frimsa proteins match our unshakable standards of quality.

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Market Expansion

Frimsa has successfully entered the competitive Japanese beef industry. Exquisite evaluations greeted the first shipment of premium cuts, opening the door for more exports and brand awareness throughout Asia.

Sustainability Push

Frimsa collaborates with famous Argentine NGO Fundación Vida Silvestre on a forestry project in the Chaco area. This effort supports sustainable cow ranching while also combating deforestation, with the goal of planting 10,000 trees by 2025.


Frimsa S.A

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